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Connecting with
Mother Nature

Clean, healthy water is a cornerstone of good health. Your body is mostly water, and so drinking the right water is essential to your every function. Our water is filtered over hundreds and thousands of years through layers upon layers of earth and rock, collecting minerals along the way and subjected to high pressures before forming reservoirs in protected underground aquifers. The hand of Mother Nature has perfected this balanced and naturally structured “living water”, infusing minerals and protecting it from contaminants to give it a natural alkaline quality, Drinking AlkaOne Natural Alkaline Artesian Mineral Water connects you with Mother Nature. It is high in pH8 - 8.5, rich in electrolytes and mineral goodness. It is great quality water with the taste of natural health. We deliver mother earth’s endowed water in recyclable PET1, BPA-free bottles at source, without tampering or filtering to keeping its pure, original, natural perfect state for your health.